May 29, 2015

Writings: Abracadabra

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“Ladies and gentleman, please take your seats. The greatest show in the world is about to begin.”

Breathe. It’s just like every other show. Just breathe.

“You might have been one of the millions who witness his magic on YouTube, or chanced upon him on the streets. Wherever it is, you were spellbound instantly.”

But this is different. The crowd. Cheering for me. For me, a nobody.

“For the first time ever, we are proud to host this…miracle up on stage here in Las Vegas, the greatest city in the world.”

Too loud. Why are they so loud?

“Hailing from a small little island right smack on the equator, I present to you, Joooooseph the Creator!”

Bright lights, too many. Blinding me. 

“And Hello everyone! How are we feeling today?”

Who is this person speaking? He sounds just like me.

“For today’s first trick, I would need a volunteer to come up on stage. Anyone?”

Stop it with the cheering! Stop it, stop it!

“You there, the girl with the braided blonde hair. Yes you, stop looking around you silly girl. Come on up!”

Wait, someone is coming towards me? No, please…please go away.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Melissa, how do you feel to be here today?”

“Great! Oh god, I can’t believe I am actually on stage!”

“Well, it doesn’t stop there!”

Go away Melissa. Run.

“For my first trick, I am going to do the impossible. I am going to defy the very nature of things itself.”

Please stop.

“I am going to turn Melissa here into a man.”

That’s right, that’s it. No more cheering.

“You heard me. Now where are the cheers? Come on!”

No, don’t start again. Don’t.

“That’s right. Louder! Say it with me. Abracadabra!”


“Abracadabra. Yes, louder!”



A loud bang rang through the stadium and Melissa disappeared in a burst of red mist. The crowd looked on confused, silenced and unsure of what has just happened. Then a scream was heard as a girl in the crowd picked up a  torn up ear from the floor.

“Now Ladies and Gentleman, what’s with all the screaming? The mist hasn’t cleared yet!”

The crowd fell silent. Wary.

“I have created, from Melissa.


And there I stood, in the middle of a pile of blood. I was no longer a voice in someone’s head. I could see me, grinning away as the crowd screamed and tried to scrambled out of their seats, only to find their legs chained to their chairs.

“Abracadabra,” I said.

“Oh yes, abracadabra,” I replied.