Apr 12, 2015

Back in time // Japan 2014

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If we place both of my Japan trips side by side, you will notice that it came after a particularly draining episode in my life, both similar in reason yet different in conclusion. With a heavy heart and thoughts swimming in what-ifs and what-nots, in both times, my bags were packed and I was whisked into another world.

Autumn Reflection

Autumn Reflection

But the beauty of Autumn in Japan completely took my breath away. Armed with the knowledge that after what I thought would have been forever, I was alone. Nobody would give two hoots about where I was going, nor will I need to concern myself with anything else by myself. It was liberating yet saddening in equal measures, an oxymoron that defined who I was for a few months.

As I walked through the streets, taking photos and admiring the wonderland set in front of me, I found myself starting to smile for the first time in a while. Nature juxtaposed against concrete, working in tandem to create awe-inspiring images; images that I still look back till today, not believing that I was actually there, alone, taking in the beauty all for myself.


Close one eye and imagine them as majestic tree-creatures. Or Groot in Autumn.

Symmetry in Japan

Caught in a Symmetry

A slice of Shibuya

A slice of Shibuya

It’s been 6 months since. And I find myself backtracking to the start, to a path where I thought has been closed off to me. Weeds that have grown into colossal venus fly-traps, snapped at my every step, covering the path that seemingly nobody would want to walk. Yet here I am, reversing my own personal timeline and making a commitment to myself, to be myself, to embrace what I really want to do in life.

To make a difference. To me.