Oct 8, 2014

Listen Now: Childish Gambino – Sober

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When Childish Gambino first came on the scene, I didn’t know he was Donald Glover. I thought it was some punk ass wannabe rap artist who just raps what everyone else would rap about. Money, woman, fame, big dicks etc. The works.

The moment I realised he was Donald Glover (it was the time when I was a fangirl of Community), my mind was blown.

His latest album, Because the Internet was full of memes in lyrics and contained a few gems, but not enough for me to full appreciate him.

His latest mixtape though? The hyperbole isn’t wrong. It’s musically diverse and continues the same lyrical direction that was on Because the Internet. Some of the lyrics are still slightly cringeworthy but this is him rising faster than a nerd spotting a HB10 smiling right at him.

Sober is especially relatable giving my current situation, and it is as radio-friendly as they come until the bass dropped, elevating it above your usual sappy love song.