May 26, 2015

Listen Now: Drake – Can I (Ft. Beyonce)

in category Music

I have been comparing this version of leaked Drake’s track as well as the more complete version of it, where OXO newcomer¬†Sal Houdini graces the track with his crooning voice. Maybe it is familiarity (I first listened to the incomplete version of the song), or maybe my penchant for a more minimalistic sound, but I much prefer the incomplete version.

Beyonce’s hypnotic backing of the track against a slow rumbling bass with some light touches of piano forms a sultry track that I couldn’t stop listening. Sure, the latter parts of the track is just Beyonce going “Can I? Baby.” (where Sal Houdini was supposed to be singing) but damn, if this was the final track, I would have sung the same praises as well.