Oct 22, 2014

Listen Now: Jai Paul – Str8 Outta Mumbai

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I was recently going through Pitchfork’s top 100 albums and found Jai Paul’s album in the top 100, Jai Paul, the dude who just released the legendary Jasmine before disappearing off the face of the earth.

Apparently not.

Back last year, what appeared to be his debut album was leaked on Bandcamp and subsequently removed. But the Internet being what it is, you could still definitely find it floating somewhere.

Imagine my audio pleasure when I started playing his album. It was everything I had dreamed if Jai Paul ever did made an album, the same floating vocals, hard hitting beats and a assured confidence in his sound.

Of course, this is not his real debut, which it was recently reported that he was in the midst of producing. But it’s as close to what we can get from now.

Str8 Outta Mumbai is one of my favourite tracks off the album, incorporating a similar style from what popularised Jasmine and more. The Indian samples made the track better, being so effortlessly incorporated into the track. Reminds me a little of Yeasayers.

God damn, his debut cannot come out fast enough.