May 28, 2015

Listen Now: Yoshi & Komono – Cat Cafe

in category Music

I tried to find more information about Komono. Is he / she based in Seattle (based on what their profile says) or are they actually Japanese (since they signed on with Japan’s label Maltine Records)? And with a name like Yoshi and Komono, together with dashes of japanese culture littered across their publicity and music, I suspect even if they might be American, they are much closer to a Japanese at heart.

And at the heart of the song is essentially Cashmere Cat blended together with enough caffeine to make a grown man have a heart attack, not that it is a bad thing. Exhaustively layered with cat meows, dashes of Japanese dialogue and girls cheering, this is pure unadulterated pop distilled into a 3 minute ear candy that would give you diabetes if you listen to it too much. It’s the cherry on top of a chocolate sundae, sprinkled with rainbow toppings. It’s the cotton candy that God eats. It’s concentrated honey fit only for the Queen Bee.

If you need happiness in your life, or scratch that, just that bit of sweetness to what is otherwise a dreary day, Cat Cafe is your song.