May 29, 2015

Vesak 2015 Weekend Playlist


I listen to a lot of music, most of the time narrowing down to a few songs that deservedly reserved my ear space. Most of the time, I don’t have anyone to share my collection with. No more. Internet, You shall hear my voice.

Each week, I’ll attempt to bring you at least 10 songs, a mix of the known and obscure. Go easy on me.

This week, rejoice for it is the long weekends! Party with your friends, chill out with your love ones or just pig out at home, who cares? No one, but it won’t hurt with some fresh music to go with whatever that you are doing. This week, we have mostly a chill set of songs, from Jamie xx, Flume, Stonefox to name a few, to a pretty mind-blowing cover by Gallant of Foo Fighters’s Learn to Fly. . For the lazy men, the songs are all collected in a single playlist. Otherwise, scroll down further to read an individual breakdown.

Jamie xx – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug & Popcaan



Jamie xx debut album, In Colors is due to be released on June 1. If you are a big fan of Jamie, you would have heard some of his songs off his album. One of the most radio-friendly one, I Know There’s Gonna be (Good Times) is catchy and the phrase “I know it’s gonna be a good time” will camp in your brain and make it his home.

Jaymes Young – Habits of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)

Released back in 2014, I discovered this track only because Sufjan Stevens. Sampling his track Concerning the UFO sighting near highland, Illinois, Jaymes Young sings about trying to escape from an obsession, a relationship that he can’t escape. It’s something we have all been through. I know I have.

Gallant – Learn to fly (cover)

Imagine if FKA Twigs and Zhu had a kid through their music making careers for the past 2 years. Imagine the kind of music he would create. Stop there, listen to the song and have your imagination validated. Gallant’s cover of Learn to Fly is both beautiful and haunting. The only bad thing is that it ended far too soon, just as the drums kicked in.

cln – Left Behind

You can feel the pain as cln sings about being left behind, against a rising tide of synths before immediately ending on an echo of strings while repeating his pain once again. Given how incredible the song is, I wonder he’s in pain.

Flume – Some Minds feat. Andrew Wyatt

With the vocal backing of Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, Flume’s latest release reminds me a little of when Chet Faker sang in Drop the Game. This time, instead of synths through the tracks, you hear Andrew Wyatt howling a little before the song rises into a cacophony of electronic synths. Flume’s latest album cannot come fast enough. The MTV when the cacophony starts is amazing as well.

Stonefox – Arrow

The first thought was this is VCR by the XX, but instead of electronic beats, you get an electric guitar. Subtle yet familiar, especially if you were into the XX in their meteoric rise to stardom. The only difference is the subtlety doesn’t last through the song with it going from the XX to Astronomyy’s ending for Pack of Wolves. I guess everything is a rehash of a remix of a rehash of another remix. Nothing is original anymore. Still makes for a good track though.

Lianne La Havas – Unstoppable (FKJ Remix)

All I want to say is this song my dancing is now unstoppable, the singing in my brain is unstoppable and my head bobbing to such a fantastic remix is unstoppable as well. FKJ took a pretty low-key slow chill out track to one that is just that bit more dancier, bit faster and a whole lot more catchier.

Komono – ラムネ marble soda ラムネ

Oh Japan. What would we do without you? Where will I be able to find Cashmere Cat on Caffeine?

Odesza – White Lies (ft. Jenni Potts) [Crush Effect Remix]

Somehow these producers love Odesza’s latest album In Return. I have heard so many remixes, especially of Say My Name, it makes me actually prefer all the remixes so much more than Odesza’s original album. Which is sad for Odesza but hey, I’m one of the millions who are in love with their music. As per the norm when it comes to remixes, Crush Effect er…crushes the song. In a good way.

Neon Indian – Annie



When you think of Neon Indian, you think of Polish Girl, off his album Era Extrana. I had always thought them to be bit of a one-hit wonder in my head (cause I never did like the rest of his songs) but Annie has done plenty to change my mind about that. With a little tropical feeling to the song, Annie is funkier, taking Neon Indian away from his chillwave days. Which makes it a little bit more relatable and listenable.

SIVIK – U Got (XXYYXX Remix)

These young producers never cease to amaze me with their Talent, especially XXYYXX when he burst into the scene 3 years ago. I had the opportunity to watch him live once and suffice to say I was feeling a mix of awe and jealousy. U Got actually sounds like every other R&B song out there, with that hint of The Weeknd. It’s until near the end of the song, once the vocals die down that XXYYXX flexes his musical muscle and slows the song down to bring us to a journey to musical heaven.

There you have it! Hope you enjoyed it and have a great weekend ahead (: